Living With Hope

Living With Hope

A. Introduction

Hope is the feeling of expectation and desire for something to happen. It is the feeling of trust that we have in respect of a relationship. To be Blessed is to be made Holy or to be Consecrated. By this, we can simply say that Blessed Hope means “Holy Expectation” or “Consecrated Trust” that we have toward an event, transition or change.

Hope by natural definition is premised on lack of certainty or confidence for something to happen. It implies that we do not have control of what is truly going to happen and we can only wait to find out what eventually takes place. On the other hand, when we talk about something being holy or consecrated, we imply that God or the Holy Spirit controls the outcome of any and all associated events - meaning that it is entirely up to God for what is being hoped for to actually happen.

Christians as godly, holy and consecrated people of God through Christ should by implication live with hope that is blessed. This means that our every hope must be on what God can do and will do. We must trust in our relationship with God that He will do according the hope we have in Him and by Him. Any hope or trust that we carry outside the basis of what God says He will do and what He can do is merely a natural feeling based on lack of certainty and we cannot expect God to be responsible for such expectations to be cut short. Finally, Christians must have their very hope in God.

Discussion: Why do we need hope as part of our lives?

B. Why We Need Hope

The following are reasons why we need to live with and in hope everyday of our lives:
1. Hope produces boldness to speak. 2Cor. 3:12.
2. Hope is an anchor of the soul. Heb. 6:19; 1Thess. 5:8.
3. It is always a good thing to have hope. Lam. 3:26.
4. There is resurrection of the dead. Prov. 23:18; 1Cor. 15:16-19; 1Thess. 4:13.
5. Hope does not disappoint. Rom. 5:4-5.

Discussion: What is the limit to what we can hope for?

C. Sources of Lasting Hope

What we base our hope on determines whether we obtain sufficient energy to maintain our hope. Our main sources of hope should be as follows:
1. Our hope must be in God for Him to help us. Ps. 31:24; Ps. 147:11; Jer. 17:7.
2. Must be based on God’s Word. Ps. 119:81,114,147; Ps. 130:5.
3. Must be based on His promise of eternal life. Jer. 28:11; 1Chr. 15:19; Tit. 2:13.

Discussion: What is the evidence of a fulfilled hope?

D. Prayer

Lord, please let Your eyes be upon me continually because I hope in Your mercy. In Jesus Name.

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